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Our animals

Diverse animal kingdom

From two-legged to four-legged friend

Our animals at the Waldheimhof are our favourites. Our whole family treats our animals with great appreciation and gratitude. They give us valuable products and much joy, as well as life on the farm. Pay to them: 

  • Our cat Mia (she is the oldest lady among the animals) 
  • Our little cat Lucky
  • Our two running ducks 
  • Our numerous brown and black mountain sheep (in winter in the stable, in summer they are allowed to go to the alpine pasture) 
  • Our two pigs Susi and Aunt Berta 
  • Our two cute little goats... ...they're just so curious... 
  • Our rabbits (there are always offspring here) 
  • Our quails provide the best eggs for a typical Pinzgauer snack 
  • ...and of course our chickens - our guests can also fetch the fresh eggs from the henhouse free of charge) 
  • Our rooster keeps order among the chickens :-)  
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